Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Skyscraper, by Lynn Curlee

The history of skyscrapers parallels the development of technology that allows taller and taller structures to be built. In particular the convergence of steel frames, elevators, electricity, plumbing and heating, and communications allowed for the growth of skyscrapers in large cities most notably New York City and Chicago in the late 1800s. Numerous acrylic paintings portray the history, construction, and future of these amazing structures while the text treats the topics of architecture, technology, and personalities associated with skyscrapers around the world.

Grades 3-up


Brucie said...

Second. Lynn Curlee's trademark spare painting style works well to portray these buildings. The text is not an easy read, however. The book will work best at the middle school level, although it will have usefulness just for the illustrations with younger children.

A. Barbee said...

I wish he had put in an illustration for every building described to separate the text, which is very long.

Karen Gavigan said...

I too felt that the text was too long. Great information and architectural-type illustrations but I think it will reach a limited audience.