Friday, January 25, 2008

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked, by Lauren Thompson.

Illus. by Jonathan Bean.

The apple pie that papa baked came from apples "juicy and red" he picked from a tree "crooked and strong" nourished by rain, "cool and fresh" and the sun "fiery and bright" in a world "blooming with life." Told as cumulative verse, the story traces the interconnections of the sun, clouds, and life on earth. Black, brown, and red illustrations against a creamy background have an old-fashioned feel indicative of the influence of Wanda Gag and Virginia Lee Burton on the illustrator. Rich with vocabulary, this cheery book will find applications in the perennial apple units in primary grades.

Grades Preschool-2

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Karen Gavigan said...

Second. The repetition of the descriptive verse will appeal to young readers - "These are the clouds, heaped and round, that dropped the rain, cool and fresh...
A great read aloud with unique retro illustrations.