Monday, January 21, 2008

Nic Bishop Spiders, by Nic Bishop

Oversized color photographs of spiders leap from the pages while the informative text is presented against electric colored pages that also demand attention. The photographs allow for close up details of spider fangs, eyes, and hairy bodies as well as hunting, web-building, and feeding practices placed next to the relevant text. A note provides further information about the process of taking the photographs and the relationship the author formed with many of his subjects.

Grades 2 - up


Brucie said...

Second. The text is quite interesting but the stunning photographs alone make this a book worth buying. The section in the back about how Bishop was able to capture such terrific images is excellent.

A. Barbee said...

This is going to be a book that never stays on the shelf! Students of all ages will enjoy it - even those who profess to be afraid of spiders.