Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer

Three girls, who have totally different lives, experience the same situation having a not so wonderful stepmother. Each girl tells the tale of their situation with the new wife/stepmother and how each ends up in a boarding school in where all three meet. Here is where they form the secret society of The Poison Apples (stepdaughters wronged by their stepmothers) where they plot to destroy each stepmother’s relationship within the family. Seek and find how each girl tells their tale and finally deals with the reality of what family is in their own value as young adults.

Grades 6-12

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A. Barbee said...

Second. This books is so Middle School - the girls will love it! Each of the three characters speaks in her own voice and the main characters are so well-developed that girls can't help but relate to each of them. There is plenty of angst to go around. As the year progresses, the girls mature and end up setting good examples by handling their respective situations with grace.