Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale

Pledged to serve as a maid to Lady Saren, young Dashti finds herself locked in a tower for seven years with Saren who has refused to marry Lord Khasar. Written as Dashti's diary, the story of their years together becomes a compelling adventure and tale of friendship and growth. The author's choice to place this story based on a Grimm's fairy tale in Medieval Mongolia adds spice and flavor.

Grades 5-8


croneh said...

I"ll second.

This is an exciting and unexpected ride. You think you'll spend 7 years locked in a tower but oh, how things change! Twists and turns and vivid discriptions of uncomfortable mideaval life turn this love story into an adventure.

Not to mention it proves what the love of a good cat can do for a person! Yeah for "My Lord" the cat!

Brucie said...

I agree with all comments. The implied, though never explicitly stated, fear of rape makes this a title most appropriate for middle school. Girls will especially like the romantic thread in the plot.

A. Barbee said...

This book is interesting, creative, and fun to read. Dashti has a wonderful sense of humor and a bright, realistic outlook on life. I like her "voice".