Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Comets, stars, the moon, and Mars: space poems and paintings by Douglas Florian

All of the planets (including the questionable Pluto), the moon, the sun, and the constellations are featured in poetry that also offers factual information about these celestial topics. Small details abound in the illustrations and die cuts carry the reader from page to page. The information is up to date including the latest about the status of Pluto. Two pages of brief facts and a bibliography close the book. Young readers continue to be fascinated by this topic and these poems will serve to whet their interest and meet the third grade sun moon and earth curriculum goal.

Grades 2-6

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Brucie said...

Second. Rhyming poems mesh very well with the fascinating illustrations that are colorful backgrounds with collage and rubber stamps on primed brown paper bags. The more you look at these pages, the more you see. Middle school libraries could use this title to supplement space units. There's probably something for everyone to learn, e.g. Mercury's craters are named for creative people such as Chopin and Beethoven.