Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shells! Shells! Shells! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Buddy, a young bear and his mother visit the beach and talk about the many seashells they find. Photographs of the seashells interspersed with the brightly colored collage illustrations assist young readers in identifying their own beach finds. The text conveys numerous facts about mollusks along with some silly word play.


Brucie said...

I really like the fact that actual photographs of shells are used in the collage illustrations. The shells that are described are common enough that kids might actually be able to find them at the beach. This makes an excellent "first book" about shells.

croneh said...

Silly beach jokes and a running bit about eating add extra fun to this infomation packed number!

wheelew said...

What a wonderful book! Because it focuses mainly on cold water shells almost all of them can be found on North Carolina beaches. Wonderful photographs of shells are included in the collages of Buddy and his mother at the beach. It is a story but is full of interesting facts. The puns are a little silly but the kids might like them. To me, this is a must buy for elementary media centers.