Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pictures from our Vacation, by Lynne Rae Perkins

On a road trip to visit relatives, a brother and sister are each given cameras that make instant photo stickers to put in notebook journals. The trip to visit grandparents includes a search for a lake dad remembers, a memorial service for a great-aunt, and numerous relatives. The photographs are child-like images of feet, clouds, and electric towers that fail to capture the words and stories that also linger in the mind of the narrator. Fun to extend to writing personal narratives.

Grades 2-4


Brucie said...

This is a funny book that captures the way kids feel when they have to go on a vacation planned by grown-ups. In this digital age, teachers could have students take pictures around the school and write about them in journals. The book would be great inspiration for such an assignment.

A. Barbee said...

I love the way things happen so true to life - just as they finally get there and are playing badminton, it begins to rain. And it rains for days.... Then they finally get to the lake and once again, it rains!

I also like the way the siblings and other family members get along so well. We need more books that depict harmonious family relationships.

Karen Gavigan said...

Second. A fun story about a family's vacation that doesn't start out so great (rain) but ends with lots of great memories of being together with extended family members. I like Brucie's idea for an assignment. You could also read this the first day of class and have children write and draw about their summer adventures.