Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Good Day, by Kevin Henkes

What starts out as a bad day for a bird, a fox, a dog, and a squirrel ends well for all and especially for the little girl who finds the pretty feather the bird lost. A very simple, repetitive text pairs perfectly with expressive illustrations. The rhythm and mood of this story are perfect for very young listeners.

Grades PreK-1


Brucie said...

I second Sue's comments on this book. I think it is a great title for preschoolers. Simple pictures, easy to follow story line, and a very nice ending.Everybody who has ever had a bad day will relate to this story.

croneh said...

This book just feels comfortable. It's calming, muted colors and thick off-white pages give it a physical texture that's just cozy.
It's downright sweet!

Karen Gavigan said...

Such a positive book with a message that speaks to all ages.
The illustrations are so warm that you almost feel like you can hug the animals.