Friday, August 17, 2007

Me I Am! by Jack Prelutsky

There's only one me! as this lively poem emphasizes through the expressive illustrations of three young children each with a distinct personality: a girl who is active and imaginative, a boy who is a more contemplative young scientist, and another girl who performs as a dancer. This bright picture book celebrates individuality with a read aloud poetic text.

Grades PreK-1


Brucie said...

I find this to be an unsatisfactory offering.The rhyme is 12 lines long and is repeated for each character. That's the sum total of the text. While the illustrations are imaginative and appealing, there's just not enough substance here to justify a $16 book.

Karen Gavigan said...

Second. This poem about individuality was originally published in the Random House Book of Poetry (1983). With great enthusiasm, the three children in this poem celebrate what makes them unique. Bright illustrations fill the pages. This could be used as a springboard for a writing / illustrating activity.