Friday, August 17, 2007

Dogs and Cats, by Steve Jenkins.

Dogs and cats each deserve their own book and here the reader is given both in one package. Read about cats; flip the book and read about dogs. Lots of interesting facts are presented about each of these popular pets including descriptions of their variety, how they came to live with people, what makes each one special, and unique facts about each. The illustrator's trademark textured collage illustrations complete the package.

Grades 2-5


bullarc said...

I will second this book. The format is user-friendly and it makes sense to pair these two very popular pets. Included in one of the corners of each-double page spread is a small square with a fact about the other species that often relates to the theme of those two pages. This makes comparison of the dog and cat species fun and easily accessible. In addition to mentioning various records similar to those you might find in the Guinness Book of World Records, Jenkins also includes easy-to-understand explanations for animal behavior, e.g., why dogs bury bones in the back yard and why a cat purrs. Another interesting description is the process of how a particular breed is developed.

This book will most likely be popular for recreational reading at a variety of ages, but it could be used for a variety of curriculum applications as well. Perhaps the comments about pet owners thinking that either a cat or a dog is smarter than the other species could be an introduction to talking about fact vs. opinion or it might be a springboard for persuasive writing. Jenkins’ illustrations depict the various types of animals beautifully and accurately without distracting from the facts. Perhaps this would be a good example of how the illustrations should support the text. Another strategy (for Art?) might include using this book with other Jenkins’ books to show how the collage techniques can be used in a variety of formats.

Ruth said...

I haven't read the book yet I immediately thought of Jane Yolen's book of poetry "Raining Cats and Dogs(1993)." It also is a flip book. Could this be used as an extension?

croneh said...

Steve Jenkins never ceases to amaze me with art and book design. I wondered while reading the cat part, just how does he handle to flip part at the book's center? Well, it's done beautifully. A round rug with a dog and a cat laying on it. The text is the same for both ways you turn the book to encourage readers to read the other half of the book,too. Works like a charm!