Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Enough to Eat by Brock Cole

A poor nameless beggar girl is offered as a bride to the fierce Ogre who comes to ravage her town. She tricks the townspeople into giving her gold and jewels as a dowry, plus a sword that she uses to defend herself from the Ogre, who is determined to eat her alive. She triumphs over the monstrous giant and renames herself "Good Enough to Eat." This rollicking story has the feel of a tale from the Brothers Grimm, complete with some very grisly details. Cole's humorous illustrations temper the gore,and the plucky heroine rides off into the sunset, far better off than she was before.
Grades 3-5

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Karen Gavigan said...

Second. This clever tale will make a great read aloud. Children will love the ending. Great vocabulary is used throughout and the illustrations are very appealing.