Monday, February 4, 2008

Enter Three Witches by Caroline B. Cooney

Mary is the daughter of a Scottish lord who is hanged as a traitor to King Duncan. She is placed as a maid to Lady MacBeth. Events unfold as in the play MACBETH by Shakespeare, but from this outside perspective -- a young girl whose honest and faithful father is now remembered as a traitor. MacBeth's hungry greed for the throne Duncan holds is finely drawn. His wife's decent into madness and its effects on young Mary are part of the problem she must solve to save herself. Lots of quotes from the play lead off the chapters. Well-done literature spin-off by the author of so many teen novels -- surely her readers will pick up this fine book and maybe learn something about the great Shakespeare play MACBETH in the bargain.

Grades 7-10


A. Barbee said...

I second this title. I think the approach Cooney takes in telling the play is very original and interesting. It makes for great historical fiction. Readers will enjoy the well-developed characters and the suspense as the plot unravels.

A. Barbee said...
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