Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Escape of Oney Judge: Martha Washington's slave finds freedom, by Emily Arnold McCully

Oney Judge was a young slave owned by first lady, Martha Washington. Her father had been an white indentured servant and her mother was a slave. Favored by the Washington family, Oney moves to Philadelphia with them for Washington's presidency. There she encounters freed slaves and the Quakers active in helping others to escape. In this fictionalized account, Oney realizes that Martha Washington plans to give her away to one of her married daughters and decides to escape. This story serves to round out our understanding of early American history.

Grades 3 and up


bullarc said...

Second! Students will surely relate to the anxiety that Oney felt when she had to leave her mother to work for Mrs. Washington. This book presents history, particularly slavery in a very accessible way. …Also a great lesson in perseverance. McCully’s illustrations are an added bonus!

Karen Gavigan said...

An interesting look at the life of a runaway slave as well as Martha and George Washington's treatment of slaves. Provides a unique perspective of this time in history.