Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Sports: rhymes about running, jumping, throwing and more by Jack Prelutsky and Chris Rashka

A collection of poems about a variety of sports (baseball, basketball, gymnastics, frisbee, swimming, etc). Lots of humor. many of the poems are about NOT winning, NOT making the team, or dropping the ball. All sorts of defeated things but the kids are still playing and enjoying what they're doing. It's quietly about sportsmanlike attitude! Other poems are about the joy the kids have in the activity itself - not winning, just doing it! (pun, intended!)

Rashka's illustrations are whispy, bright and action packed. The movement of each game or activity is included in the mood of the artwork.


bullarc said...

I would like to second this title. It might lend itself to a variety of activities at various levels within the curriculum. Literature integration might take place in a PE class. there are good action words, supported by colorful, lively illustrations that effectively reflect the sport, e.g. a basketball "swishes" into the basket. Kids may easily relate to the changing feelings that a once-eager student experiences after being tackled in football.

Another possible application... our third graders were learning about space at about the same time that they were learning about poetry. A couple space-related entries (used by the teacher might be a pleasant hook and a motivation to students for learning and using new vocabulary in their own poems!

I also noticed and appreciated the healthy attitude towards not always winning

Karen Gavigan said...

I think this title will be a hit with students in language arts and / or PE classes. The cheerful illustrations work nicely with Prelutsky's upbeat poetry.
I think it would be neat to display these poems in the gym during poetry week.