Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One Thousand Tracings : Healing the Wounds of World War II by Lita Judge

Illustrated by the author. A young American farm girl and her mother collect necessities such as food and clothing, especially shoes, to send to families in post-war Germany. The tracings of the title are of shoe bottoms, enclosed with the poignant letters that they receive. The story is based on real events in the lives of the author's mother and grandmother. It represents an untold part of the history of World War II. Soft, slightly out of focus watercolors and photographs of actual artifacts from the period complement the text. This is a heartwarming tale, told in a gentle, low key style.
Grades 2-6


bullarc said...

I will second this one! This book shares a powerful example of compassion in a way that is very accessible to young children. Many of us probably take for granted numerous pairs of shoes in our own closets, yet just after WWII it wasn't unusual for a family to share a single pair of boots. Children will relate to the little girl in the story who helps her mother match shoes to the paper tracings sent to them.
Double page spreads feature photographs, authentic to the 1940s opposite soft paintings that carry the story.

Karen Gavigan said...

A very powerful story made all the more interesting because it is true. Nice use of primary documents / photos that supplement the text. This title could lead to some great discussions about WW II, the effects of war, helping others, etc.