Monday, December 3, 2007


If you read the first 2 pages, you will be hooked for the remaining 206! Thirteen year old Capricorn Anderson lives on a commune with his hippie grandmother named Rain. When she falls and breaks her hip, Cap is forced into the real world of public school 8th grade. The reader becomes fond of Cap as he deals with bullies and finds his own unique way to deal with teenage life.


Sheryl said...

"Schooled" is a book that I, too, would recommend on a variety of levels:

1. It is a quick and entertaining read.
2. The setting, being primarily middle school in the 21st century, will be familiar to current middle school students, as well as to anyone else who was significantly affected by his or her own middle school experiences.
3. Each of the characters speaks in the first person about his or her feelings, concerns and intentions relative to the story, thereby creating a directly personal link to the reader.
4. Capricorn Anderson, the main character, is a truly engaging personality whose innocence about "the real world" is matched by his deeply-rooted integrity and sense of justice.

Combining humor with poignantly human scenarios and linking 60's era culture to the world as we know it today, this is a book that should appeal to a broad range of readers.

KP said...

Second, just in case Sheryl's comments were not considered a second.

Excellent for 8th grade for the references to 1960's. Great for character ed.