Monday, October 1, 2007

Peak by Roland Smith

Peak is his name, named by his mountain climbing parents. When he gets in trouble for climbing a skyscraper in New York City, he is picked up by his father, put through physicals and tests without explanation. Then the two fly to Nepal and Peak finds himself in the middle of "Peak Experiences", his father's mountaineering company and their expedition to the top of Mount Everest.

Grades 6-10.


Karen Gavigan said...

Second. Fitting that I do so on the anniversary of the 1st climb to Mt. Everest (May 29, 1953). This novel provided a fascinating inside look at what it is like to attempt such a climb along with an interesting father / son story line. I think middle school students will enjoy this adventure / survival tale.

A. Barbee said...

I think this book takes a different approach to a typical adventure novel, as it is supposed to be a final composition written by Peak, who has been arrested and detained during the last days of school for climbing a New York skyscraper. While it may sound far-fetched, it just happened yesterday in real life! Peak attempts to write as his teacher has taught him and his use of good techniques will provide readers with a concrete example of a great paper. The story is suspenseful and very realistic, according to a former student, who just returned from climbing glaciers in Alaska. (He looks like he just returned from a concentration camp!)