Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf : A Year Told Through Stuff by Jennifer Holm

An inventive twist on the notebook style novel. Ginny's 7th grade school year is shown to the reader through a collection of stuff including To-Do lists, bank statements (despide several babysitting job deposits, it seems to always remain at $5 ), doctor's notes, store receipts (bad idea to dye your hair the day before picture day), principals notes to her mom, and some amusing poems.

Ginny deals with some difficult subjects during the course of the year; new stepfather, brother getting sent to military school because of his dangerous behaviour, ex-best friend getting the lead in HER ballet AND never returning her favorite sweater. She handles them with the awkward grace of a 7th grader but also with humor and a very appealing style.


Brucie said...

Second. What makes this book work is the fact that there really is a plot line of sorts that readers can follow. Incidents that happen early in the book reappear in a different context later on. And Holm has nailed the persona of a seventh grade girl. Many parts are laugh-out-loud funny.

Karen Gavigan said...

Extremely clever writing and attention to detail with ticket stubs, Dr's notes, etc. Middle schoolers will love this book!